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February 12, 2020

January Product Update

We are stoked to start 2020 off with a big feature push, App Home. A project we worked on in conjunction with our friends over at Slack.

We also added the ability to now archive forms, statuses, and fields. Lastly, if you haven’t seen it yet, we recently published a case study we did with Slack on how they brought Halp into SlackHQ. 


Halp App Home

We’re excited to announce that Halp has a new “App Home” experience in Slack!

App Home is a great new Slack feature and way for anyone (Agents and End-users alike) to quickly find tickets that they may need to take action on or reference.

The experience is unique to each user and can be customized with filters to show the most important tickets in one place.

Try it out today by going to your Slack workspace and clicking on the Halp App.

Learn more about App Home 


Archive Statuses, Forms, and Fields

Previously in Halp, it wasn't possible to archive custom statuses, forms, and fields.

You'd have to rename them to something like: "IT Hardware (DEPRECATED)" to indicate that the form (field, or status) was no longer being used.

Introducing the ability to archive custom statuses, forms, and fields.

Never worry about cluttering up Halp with old, unused data! Keep the things you need & archive the rest.


We’d love to get your feedback or comments around the App Home experience! Drop us a line via email to or join the Halp Community!

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