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October 6, 2019

September Product Update

📣 As we head into the final quarter of the year (and decade!), we wanted to recap some of September's exciting updates and improvements from Halp! We launched a ton of new updates this last month--kudos to our rockin’ 🤘🏼 product team for bringing the magic. Last month we launched six new product updates and one new integration with BetterCloud! Learn about 📌 Pin & Ticket 🎫, 📝 Channel-Based Forms, 🔎 Multiselect, Conditional, Synced Fields and more!

📌 Pin & 🎫 Ticket - Capturing a Conversation

Sometimes, a long back and forth chat turns into a ticket, and users need a way to capture that data retroactively. Now, you can just mark the first message in the conversation with a 📌and the last with a 🎫. We will take the entire conversation between the two emojis and roll it up into a ticket in the thread, with the last message as the ticket title. And you thought the best roll-up you had was as a kid in school, back in the 90’s, when mom decided to give you a treat for lunch. Pfffft.

This works in DMs or any public channel where you’ve invited the Halp bot! It’s pretty snazzy👇 

📝 Channel-Based Forms

Halp Forms are a great way to get more information about a request directly in Slack. We heard from customers that they wanted to launch specific forms by channel, so if a user was in the #help-it channel, they’d see the IT form, if they were in the #help-facilities channel, they’d see the facilities form, and so on. 

Want your employees to use a form to create a ticket? ✔️

Want that form to be dynamic based on what channel they are reporting an issue? ✔️

Do you wish you knew what happened at the end of the Sopranos? ✔️

🌥 BetterCloud Integration

BetterCloud has emerged as the best-in-breed tool for automation and integrations built specifically for IT professionals who assist companies using a modern SaaS application stack. It’s great for automating onboarding, offboarding, and many other repetitive IT tasks. It means you should get super excited because you’re going to be productive AF, and just a better person in general. That’s right, 

Many of our customers already use BetterCloud and we’ve been working closely with their team to build an integration with their new API. At the annual Altitude conference last week, we debuted the ability to trigger BetterCloud workflows directly from Slack using Halp Recipes. 

One example use case people love is that an IT or HR Team Member can create a new Employee Onboarding ticket right from the private triage channel in Slack. That ticket then triggers a BetterCloud Employee Onboarding flow that creates accounts in G Suite, Slack, Okta, etc. Thanks to the new Channel-Based Form feature, you can limit who can run these workflows as well. This doesn’t mean you can use it to punish people who are being wack that week by taking their permission to run that workflow away from them, well, you can, but the real question is, should you?

Halp and BetterCloud go together like peanut butter and jelly and we’re very excited to see where this partnership takes us.

🔎 Multiselect, Conditional, and Synced Fields

Fields enable teams to grab important data and run reports. Halp fields were previously limited to just Text, Dropdown, and Date fields. 

We’ve now added support for multiselect fields, and important field type for internal Ops!

Many customers that are using integrations also have complex fields that have hundreds of options and even conditional options. 

Instead of having to manually enter these options and constantly be updating them, we now support synced fields. These fields are not editable in Halp, instead you can edit them in Jira/Zendesk and we will update the fields in Halp. No more updating data in two places, keep a unified source of truth across all your tools! One truth to rule them all, one truth to find them, one truth to bring them all, and in efficiency bind them. Oh yeah, Gandalf knew about these sick integrations all along.

💌 Customizable Email Auto Response

Although we are a message-based ticketing system, we can also handle conversations happening in email. We wanted to give customers using email the ability to create a more personalized experience. That’s right, just because we ❤️ Slack and never want to leave its presence, it doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate the beauty of old-fashioned email, we can and we do.

We’ve added support for custom email domains. You can contact to set that up (warning, you will have to modify a few CNAME records )

You can also customize the automated response that users get to a request when they first email in. This can be customized with the ticket number and name of the requester. 

More human, less 🤖

🙅‍♀️ Mute Status Updates

Based on user feedback we added a way for agents to Mute Status Updates on a ticket in the web. This turns off the “this ticket has been closed” Slack and Email notifications. So, everything works the same way and gets done, but you don’t have any repetitive reminders that something happened! It’s pretty impressive, as if your workflow had gone to Mime School or something.

Now you can finally close those pesky tickets that have been sitting open for months where you didn’t want to notify the end-user 😊.

🧮 CSV Upgrades

Several customers are using the ‘Export to CSV’ to input ticket data into their BI tools such as Domo, Looker or Tableau. We’ve added several new fields to this export such as ticket close timestamp, first response time and total resolution time to make slicing and dicing your ticket analytics that much sweeter. 

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