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December 10, 2019

November Product Update

The turkey feast is over, and the holidays are upon us, the Halp team is excited to look back at November’s short but mighty list of updates. Learn about the latest updates like Working Hours, Ticket Creation Source, and the New Web Navigation and Ticket View. Customers have already been raving about the new look and feel!

🕰 Working Hours

None of us work 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Some organizations might have set hours on weekends, while others may work early in the mornings or later into the evenings. This can make tracking resolution times, first response times, or even expectations with stakeholders challenging. 

Our solution to these set of challenges is—Working Hours. If you are an Administrator in Halp, you can set your organization’s working hours in General Settings. Once set, you will notice that Resolution Times, First Response Times, and SLA’s respect the hours set.

Our customers are already talking about and loving the new working hours feature!

📍 Ticket Creation Source

In larger organizations, it was difficult to understand where a ticket originated from. Today, we're announcing a new way to easily view where a ticket was originally created. You'll now notice on the agent tickets in Slack, there is text under the ticket number that says: "Created via..." 

This will tell you whether a ticket was created via the Halp app, a channel, email, or API. If you have Slack Enterprise Grid, we will tell you which child workspace the ticket came from, along with the channel it originated from in that workspace.

🧭 New Navigation System

As part of an ongoing effort to improve the Halp web experience, we've redesigned our main navigation system! This will improve usability over time as we continue to add new features to Halp.

You'll notice two nav bars: a top nav, and a side nav. We've moved Tickets, Reports, Answers, and our Halp Center to the side nav. In the top nav, you'll notice that we've kept Account, Settings, and Search.

🎫 All New Ticket View

Previously, when information on a ticket needed to be updated in Halp, it was difficult to scan the view for information relating to it. The information that you could edit on a ticket was spread throughout the interface on this view. 

Last week, we introduced an entirely new interface for tickets. You’ll now notice that a ticket’s conversation and activity is tracked on the left-side and that the metadata associated with a ticket is on the right-hand collapsible pane. This should make it easier to scan for information and allow you to act quickly on tickets as needed. 

We’ve got lots of great improvements planned for December and throughout 2019 and you can always stay up to date with our lates features in the web's UI change log.

If you’d like to see specific features or functionality added to Halp, we’d love to hear from you! Drop us a line via email to or join our Slack community.

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