Product Updates
June 4, 2019

May Product Update

Fresh off the press, here is the May round-up of our brand new features for Halp!

Zendesk 2-way Integration

Packed with all the learnings we had from our last product, BubbleIQ, we’ve added a new integration to Halp to 2-way sync with Zendesk tickets. All tickets created in Halp will sync comments, status, assignee, requester, and title with a Zendesk ticket. We even map your existing Zendesk Custom Fields and Forms to Halp Fields. This means you can leverage all the powerful Ticket Recipes in Halp while storing all relevant data back to Zendesk. Learn more here.

Multi Email Support

In the past we offered the ability to do email relay right from within Slack, but that was linked to one email address. We now support the ability to set up multiple email addresses and even route them accordingly based on their source.

A great use case for this would be routes to the #support-triage channel while the routes requests to the #hr-triage channel. Agents can additionally hook up automated answers or automated assigning to users to leverage our Ticket Recipes even further.

New Recipe - Email Summary on Close

We’ve added a way for Halp users to push data into ticketing systems that we have not fully integrated with yet. When a ticket is closed, it sends a summary of that ticket via email to any email address you want. We’ve already seen some customers set this up to send to and Freshdesk when a Halp ticket is closed. We hope this feature will serve 2 purposes: 1) Halp remains very un-opinionated about what ticketing system your company uses. We want to integrate with everyone of them and just focus on providing an amazing chat based experience while syncing with your legacy system. 2) Internally we can use this as a way to quantify demand for our next 2-way integration. Let us know what we should build next!

User Management - Permissions

User permissions are critical for defining roles and access to team or ticket data. We’ve added user management interface so that admins can add other admins as well as have visibility into their entire agent count broken down by channel. We’ve also partitioned ticket access based on what #triage-channels that agent is part of. More info on permissions here, but TL;DR agents can only see the tickets they need to.

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