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April 21, 2019

March Product Update

Halp has been getting some major upgrades in March and we are stoked to share it with you. Brand new reporting, ability to search tickets, and group based permissions so you can use Halp with multiple teams. Many of these features are driven by feedback from our early customers. If you have product feedback we’d love to hear it, don’t be shy!

Reports: First Response Time, Resolution Times & Tickets by Agent

We’ve released our first iteration of reporting. It's important for our customers to understand ticket volume over time, tickets by agents, and response and resolution times. These metrics should establish a baseline for your team so you can understand if you're improving over time and when you need to hire. This is just a first iteration so let us know if you have any feedback.


Edit any custom field from within Slack

When a ticket comes in to a triage channel, there are often fields that need to be changed. Since there are many different fields for a growing IT team, we wanted to make this easy and fast. In an effort to save Slack screen real estate while offering robust options, we’ve created a free form way to update custom fields. Expand the ticket and pick any field to edit directly within Slack.


Search in Web and Slack

IT teams often need to pull up a specific ticket, or search for similar related tickets to find a good answer. We wanted to make this easy in both the web and in Slack.

In the web, we've created a keyword or ticket number search with a typeahead experience. Based on usage this is already one of our most popular new features. Give it a try!


Slack search is similar to web search, designed for agents that want to stay in Slack. Use the /halp command as an agent to bring up your agent actions, and you'll see the option to search.


Show/hide fields on the ticket list view

The ticket list view in Halp makes it easy to view many tickets at once and work through a ticket queue. The fields in these views are now fully customizable per agent and your preferences will persist between your sessions.


Agent actions - view other agent’s tickets

We heard this request from several users - it's great for an admin or coworker to be able to quickly pull up another agents tickets. This is now easily accessible in the agent actions when using the /halp command.


Transferring tickets between channels

Sometimes tickets are opened with the wrong category and you need to transfer it to a different triage channel. We've got even more flexibility in our routing rules to automatically transfer tickets to another triage channel.

Try mapping a custom field value like “Category: HR Request” to an hr-issues channel. When the field is updated to that category, it will remove itself from the old channel and appear in the new channel.

Learn how to create a routing rule here.

Agent groups based on channel membership

If you have multiple teams using Halp, privacy is a major concern. You can't have the IT team seeing HR tickets. Halp makes this easy. Agent permissions are set based on the Slack channel they have access to, so if I'm in the hr_triage channel, I have access to HR tickets only, and if I'm in the it_triage channel, I have access to IT tickets.

Admins are now the only users that have access to Halp’s workspace settings in our web app, they can no longer be changed by agents.



You can now update and edit your subscription directly from the Halp web interface! There are options to pay monthly or annually with a 10% discount. Probably more exciting for us than for you :).

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