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July 8, 2019

June Product Update

Here's the June wrap up from the Halp product team - support for multiple Jira projects and Zendesk integrations, as well as the ability to customize your Slack bot and more ways to automate your workflows. Onwards to July!

🔀 Multi Jira Project and Multiple integration ticket routing

So, your DevOps teams uses Jira, IT department uses Zendesk, and HR is going to use Halp’s backend? Or maybe you have different teams using different Jira projects? No problem! We now offer teams the flexibility to hook Halp up to multiple ticketing integrations and route them accordingly using Ticket Recipes. This even works with multiple request types in the same Jira instance.

This means you can set up tickets from the #it-issues channel or IT Requests form to route to one Jira Project, and the tickets marked with an emoji by the HR team to go to a different Jira Project or just stay within Halp. We want to give you the flexibility to sync data with whatever system of record you need while ensuring there is a seamless Slack experience for employees and one easy place to get help. 

🤖 Customize your Halp Slack Bot

As much as we love the name Halp, some employees might not know what the purpose of the fancy new Slack bot in their workspace is. We’ve made it easy to customize the name and icon of the Slack bot. 

🍳 New Recipe Trigger: Assignee

Does Kathy in Legal want to whip up some snazzy automations whenever a ticket is assigned to her? We’ve got her covered now. Navigate to the Ticket Recipe builder and take a look at the new options.

📬  Multiple inbound email addresses 

Speaking of new automations, do you have multiple teams using Halp? If you’re using Halp’s email relay to open tickets (Ex: you can now set up multiple email addresses and categorize those requests based on the email address.

🕵️‍♂️ Security improvements for attachments

You may have noticed images and pdf attachments in tickets look a bit different this month. We’ve rolled out user-based permissioning to view ticket attachments. You must be authenticated with Halp at the time you are accessing these attachments. The attachments themselves are now uploaded to slack so it's a better experience as well


💰 Automated stripe subscription

Halp’s per agent billing is pretty simple. Just /invite another user to a triage channel to make them an agent. Need to remove them? /remove will do the trick. We track these channel’s membership to do automated billing. If you need to get an overview of agents/admins you can check out the Agents tab in the Settings page.

👫 @group mentions

Let’s be honest, things are better in (user)groups. You can now notify groups from a Slack thread in a triage channel. 

🐞 “This Channel’s Tickets” agent action 

Based on a feature request, we’ve added a new search filter option for agents when they use /halp. You can now call up all tickets that were created from a single channel. This could be very halpful if you’re sharing channels with your customers. After you’ve searched them, you can post the list of tickets to the channel and open up a dialog about the tickets. 

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