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August 2, 2019

July Product Update

Here's a recap of all the new stuff Halp has to offer in July! We're super excited to introduce Halp Answers, support for Jira Server & Jira Data Center, multiple workspaces and Slack Enterprise Grid as well as the ability to trigger any recipe by reacji!

🧠 Introducing Halp Answers

We’re very excited to announce our newest product, Halp Answers! Knowledge is a very tricky problem that almost every team struggles with. Knowledge Bases often have stale data (or no data at all!). Building these clunky, out of date knowledge bases is not a good use of anyone's time or money. But without a repository of common answers, internal ops teams can often end up answering the same question over, and over, and over. 

Halp Answers takes a completely different approach to a traditional knowledge base by enabling teams to create and update Answers directly from Slack messages and tickets. We stayed true to what everyone loves about our product today and created a very lightweight way for any Slack message to be saved as an Answer. Just drop the 📖emoji onto the message. 

Tada 💥! You’ve now got a saved Answer, automagically categorized by our A.I. to understand what that Answer is about. 

Going forward, any ticket that gets opened will be matched to potential Answers. If an Answer matches, it will then be recommended to the Helpdesk agent in the triage channel as a canned response to that ticket. 

If one of the Answers is relevant, the agent can then pop open that canned reply, personalize the response, and send it to the requester. 

This is a subtle but very important difference between Halp Answers and other “A.I. Powered” deflection solutions on the market. When a coworker reaches out with a question, they expect a personalized, human response. The last thing anyone wants is for a bot to respond with something irrelevant and “Did this solve your problem?”.  

For this reason, we’ve been extremely thoughtful about how we can simultaneously guarantee accurate, personalized responses to common questions while also improving the efficiency of the helpdesk team. As we continue to gather more data, we will enable the ability to fully deflect tickets when there is an extremely high certainty that the Answer is the right one.

Halp Answers is going to be available to everyone on our Professional Plan. We also are happy to offer customers on our Self-Serve plan a free trial of Halp Answers to see how much time it could save your team. Please reach out to if you’re interested, read more about using Halp Answers here, and to get a personal deep dive sign up for our webinar on Halp Answers.

💾 Jira Server & Data Center

We saw an overwhelming response when we released Jira Cloud in April. We’ve had lots of new customers requesting a similar solution for Jira Server and DataCenter. We’ve been working with a handful of teams over the last few months in an Early Access Program and we’re now ready to release it to a larger group of customers. 

Installing on Jira Server and DataCenter can be unique depending on your configuration, so to get started please contact us at

🔀 Halp Supports Multiple Workspaces and Enterprise Grid

Halp previously was limited to just one Slack workspace. For most teams, this works great and makes it easy to manage tickets for hundreds of employees. 

However, there are two instances where companies are no longer using just one workspace and we’re excited to now be able to support these two groups of customers.

The first is for large Enterprises with thousands or tens of thousands of employees using Slack. These customers use Slack’s Enterprise Grid product to create workspaces for different organizational units. For these teams, Halp allows anyone to use a Slash command across any of the workspaces, and all those requests are captured in a centralized Halp instance. Halp can handle a requester ticket created in ACME’s Marketing workspace and create an agent ticket in their Internal Support workspace #triage channel. As you would expect, thread messages are synced between these workspaces so we can meet people where they are working to reduce issue resolution time and context switching.

The second group that often manages multiple workspaces are Managed Service Providers, or other outsourced consulting firms working with multiple companies. Before today, these companies were joining 10, 20, or even 50 different workspaces to provide IT, HR, and other support for their clients. Now, with Halp, they are able to install Halp on each of their client’s workspaces and have all of those requests sync to a triage channel in their primary workspace. 

😍 New Recipe Trigger: emoji

Our message reacji method of making a ticket is by far the most popular way that our users create tickets. We now offer a trigger method that allows you to build any reaction, slack standard emoji or uploaded custom ones too, as a way to kick off a workflow! The possibilities here are endless. Use an emoji to set status, assign, or change the Slack channel.

 At Halp, we have funny faces of our team members wired up to auto-assign if a ticket has already been created. It’s an amazing way to simplify common tasks into one click. What will you create?

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