September 5, 2019

August Product Update

August has come and gone but the Halp team has been busy 🐝's! We've taken some of the feedback from our AWESOME clients and added custom email domains, formatting inbound HTML emails, the ability to turn any Jira issues into a Halp ticket and Reacji's now launch Slack ticket forms. We are coming for you September!

💌 Custom Email Domains

At Halp, we believe that messaged-based conversations are the best way to communicate, but we recognize this shift will be a long one and most companies will need to support email for a long time to come. Though change is a natural part of life, it’s also natural to resist it with all your might until you have no choice but to embrace it, in fact, most people tend to hate change. 

For a while now, customers have been able to create tickets from emails sent to and reply to those tickets from Slack threads. But when those emails were replied to, the responses were sent from Halp’s domain instead. After several customers expressed interest in changing that, we closed the round trip experience and that email response can now be returned from This feature is available on our Pro plan. There’s some configuration on your end to enable this, so let us know when you’re ready and we can halp! 

📬 Inbound HTML Emails

Formatting complex emails into Slack threads was….(a total bummer), ehem, we mean, hard. We didn’t get it right every time, which we won’t let stand, so we’ve rethought our strategy and now provide a link at the bottom of each thread message to open the full HTML email in the web browser. Needless to say, it’s much easier and a much better experience to display HTML in the browser than in Slack 🎉. We truly believe in keeping workers 👀 in Slack to reduce context switching, but in this case, it just made sense to link out to the browser.

📲 Turn any Jira Issues into a Halp Ticket

Imagine how useful it would be for your Jira requests and issues to automatically become a threaded ticket in Slack that you could collaborate on in real-time. Well, that is now a reality with our new Inbound Jira Recipe. And it has nothing to do with the listening device we installed into your brains to see what you really wanted to get from Slack, we promise 🙃😉😬. We’ve already seen some teams set up rules to pipe every Jira Issue into Slack, while others are using this new functionality to manage escalations and only sending a subset of their high priority tickets. Once a Jira ticket lives in Slack, you can respond in thread, take quick actions, and leverage the ticket routing rules for powerful automation. You can use a Halp recipe to send tickets into different channels based on an endless variety of conditions. 

💡 Emoji Launches Slack Ticket Form

The reacji ticket creation is by far our most popular way to make a ticket in Slack. 42.4% of tickets are made by reacji, to be exact. In fact, people are more excited by reacji ticket creation than Tool’s 2019 album release. Making a ticket by reacji is the fastest way to turn any message in Slack into a ticket, however, it was lacking a way to launch a Slack dialog to gather more information with a ticket form. Ticket forms are a great and powerful way to enforce data collection on an issue for categorization and troubleshooting. When this feature is enabled for your team, instead of just grabbing the message text and making that the title of the ticket, the user will be prompted with a dropdown menu containing the custom forms your workspace has enabled. Choose a form and when it launches it will pre fill the text in the title field and prompt the user to complete the form. 🎉 your ticket has been created!

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