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May 8, 2019

April Product Update

Happy April - The Halp crew has been busy and we’re thrilled to share all the great new features! We shipped new settings to give you the ability to customize Halp, educate your team on how to make tickets, and one of our most requested features: a 2-way integration with Jira! 

Jira 2-way integration

Many of our customers need to store their ticket data in Jira for compliance, reporting, and more. We heard you loud and clear and are excited to be shipping a full 2-way integration between Halp and Jira. It supports Jira Service Desk and Jira Software, as well as Server and DataCenter.

The integration is compatible with all different flavors of Jira:

Jira Service Desk

  • OAuth
  • Create Jira - Service Desk Request from Slack
  • 2-way message sync
  • Status mapping
  • Custom field mapping
  • Assignee Mapping
  • Private notes

Jira Software

  • OAuth
  • Create Jira Issue from Slack
  • 2-way message sync
  • Status mapping
  • Custom field mapping
  • Assignee Mapping

Jira Server/DataCenter

  • Email Webhooks - Create case and add comments

Learn more about how to set it up here.

Administrative Settings - our users asked and we’ve delivered

Disable reacji ticket creation for end users

  • Sometimes you only want agents to be able to create tickets out of any messages, whelp we’ve got you covered.

Notification preferences

  • Toggle to have users get a DM from @Halp every time a ticket gets updated, or keep the notifications lighter.

/halp - slash command will allow users to post to public channels

  • In a public #it-help channels, you may want to encourage folks to use the slash command and fill out a required form, and also want to post that ticket publicly to the channel. If you turn this option on, tickets created with the slash command in a channel with the bot will post in that channel. Such visibility, much configuration :doge:

🤖 Can now :ticket: bot messages

We had several customers request the ability to create a support ticket out of any bot message. For example, if you have system notifications such as PagerDuty, VictorOps, or Sentry this may be a great way to receive the notification, judge severity, and have a quick interface to make a trackable incident to sent to the team in order to triage accordingly.

📬 App opened event for introducing new users to @Halp bot

Slack has a brand new event for bots to interact with users who open a DM. This can be a super useful way to introduce functionality, give users updates, or present them with fresh tasks. When a user first opens a DM with @Halp, they will be given this nice little prompt teaching them how to make tickets.

That's all for now! May should be another big month for the product team but let us know if you have other ideas for features you want us to build.

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