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Halpful Tips is a weekly email dedicated to helping you be the best Slack Admin for your company while also providing you exciting articles so you can get more 💩 done and spend less time researching.

As your weekly resource for all things Slack, Technology, Automation and Workflow related so that you are updated on your most important articles that can empower you and your workplace. with an exceptional tool so your team (& your clients) can enjoy the perks of increased transparency, productivity, and all that jazz about being happy or whatever.
In other words, our goal is to make your life better. Period. Full stop.

[Hal-per], noun.

The people we turn to when the 💩 hits the fan.

We’re a team of adventurers, engineers, writers, & problem-solvers, out to improve the lives of halpers the world over. At Halp, we believe IT should be conversational. At the very least, it should be human. Spilled coffee on your laptop? Worry not, just ping your friendly IT halpdesk in Slack (instead of tracking down that esoteric URL to submit a ticket… again…).

We’re halpers too, and our time in the trenches has taught us that every little way we can improve the helpdesk experience will make everyone’s life better.
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